I translate ideas into images.
I help people with visual communication.
I render brands into virtual language.

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help people with visual communication

I love the visual

I describe reality with photography, combining pictures with graphics and typography to convey more. I create photo shoot concepts and moodboards; I write, draw, and sketch. I enjoy challenges and diversity.

I use tools which allow me to reach expected results.

I follow trends and like to be up to date…

… not to follow them blindly.

I try to find balance between the original and the practical. Good ideas answer the customer’s needs and help them to communicate with their target in a better way.

Final product is the sum of work of many.

Depending on the project I work with set designers, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, and retouchers.

I do my projects in Poland and abroad.

With my reliable team we can reach any place in the world.

What can I do for you?


you have a layout for the project and need someone who with the right tools will translate it into a photographic image.


you have a brief, layouts, and clear budget figures, and need someone who will recruit the right team, do the photoshoot, and take care of formalities in a defined period.


you can describe what you need with the right words and are looking for someone who will translate your ideas into images – create a concept, prepare sketches and moodboards, and help to pick the right visual tools.


you have a brand and need to create a language for communication with your target group – create a name, design a logo, develop a visual identity system.


you need to create a composition of your materials which will carry the message you want to convey.

How I work?

I believe that a good project combines IDEA (a consistent concept), TECHNIQUE (perfect execution) and support of the TEAM (coworkers I can rely on).

Each project is different and requires different approach, tools, and team.

  • meeting
  • talks
  • inspirations
  • moodboards
  • szketches
  • texts
  • team
  • technical preparations
  • formalities
See examples of how a final effect is achieved here:
Little Form Studio

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I translate ideas into images.
I help people with visual communication.
I render brands into virtual language.